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12 signs of having a boy in the womb | Pregnancy tips

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So friends say that if sleep is less then there is a son, then yes friends are right for a few percent, because according to a survey of friends, it was found out that pregnant women who have less sleep then have a son in their womb. If you have a son, then you stay awake even at bedtime at night, then there is a symptom of the son, but its just opposite women who sleep during the day also If you have a daughter, then it can be a symptom of women who have laziness during pregnancy or feel like sleeping again and again, there is a symptom of having a daughter in their womb and yes friends, both these symptoms do not sit on anyone. So let's go and know the next symptom

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People tell that laziness is more if someone has laziness then has a daughter, and if laziness is less then there is a son, and it is so and that has happened to many people, then friends move on to the symptoms Side

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People show the next symptom that when a daughter is in the womb during pregnancy, pregnant women feel tired all day long and no one likes to do household work, then in such a situation they can have a daughter in their garbh. Friends move to the next symptom

     Garbh me ladka hone ka lakhsan 
When there is a son in the womb during pregnancy, the pregnant woman feels very fickle and there is no possibility of laziness in her mind, then having a son in the womb, then let the friend move on to the next symptom.

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People show the next symptom that there is a son on the left side, then you have a son and on the right side you sleep on the side, there is a daughter. There is no such truth in this because we cannot sleep overnight on a sidewalk if you are in normal condition. Even if you are not pregnant, still you cannot sleep on a side, such a myth can be wrong or wrong because in pregnancy, pregnant women feel comfortable in the victory side. She sleeps on the same side, sleeping on the right or left side, it does not make any sense, then it is also a myth or wrong, there is no truth in it, so let's go to the next symptom


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People show the next symptom that seeing the size of the stomach of pregnant woman, if the belly of pregnant women is embossed in the center, then there is a daughter and if it emerges at the bottom, then there is a boy, yes it is true. It has also happened that during the time of my wife's girl, the stomach had emerged in the upper side so that the bottom of the chest was more enlarged, in the boy's time only the stomach size was below and the weight of the baby was low Was it and the time of the girl was not so much weight, then we can assume the truth to some extent because my personal experience has proved to be A, so let's go to the next symptom

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People show the next symptom that by watching the nose size, you will see most of the videos in YouTube that if the nose becomes thicker during pregnancy time, then he has a son and if the nose size is in his actual size then he will have a girl. I have not seen this on anyone and have not heard this is a total misconception, it may be a myth and yes it will match on anyone, but the size of the nose does not affect anyone. It is a completely false belief that by looking at the size of the nose, to find out whether there is a boy or a girl in the womb, it is wrong, then friends, let's go to the next symptom and

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People show important signs that if the pregnant woman's navel comes out then there is a boy and if the pregnant woman's navel is at all inside, then people say that she is a girl and it is said at the last time that your navel is If it comes out then there is a boy, then friends are a bunch wrong, there is absolutely no truth in it because I have not been in my personal experience, so let's go friends I am of the next symptom

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People show the next symptom that the straightening of the navel line at the time of pregnancy makes the straight line become a line from top to bottom, then it is called the navel line, then someone's navel line is dark, then someone's light And if no one else is formed, then it is said that the navel line is straight from the bottom to the top, then there is a boy and if there is a little bit there, then there is a girl. Even if it is crooked, then there is a girl, if there is a girl, there can be a myth. There is absolutely no truth in this as there has not been any thing in my personal experience at the time of both my wife's girl or boy's navel. If the line was crooked, then friends, let's go with the next sign and

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People show the next symptom that if you do not have glow on the face then there is a boy and if you have too much glow end on your face, then there is a girl, it has not happened to me. It was the opposite of it when my girl was pregnant. The glow end of my wife's face was completely gone. When my boy was pregnant, my wife's face glow was too much, then it also matches the symptoms on someone. Happens, but does not match anyone's symptoms because friends, if one feels that the glow and decrease of one's face is increasing to find out if the child is a girl or not. It is not proved that the face improves, if you have a boy or a girl in your womb, then friends, let's go to the next symptom
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People tell the next symptom that if the heartbeat is less than 140 or up to 140 then there is a boy and if it is more then the girl is there, then it is also totally wrong. The child boy with heartbeat is not a girl. There is no point in my personal experience. The son's heartbeat was 157 and my girl's time had gone up to 165, and there have been 175, it is said that the heartbeat is less due to the boy and more is the girl. A trick is wrong. There is not even a little truth in this, so friends, let's move on to the next symptom.

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People tell the next symptom that having high vomiting during pregnancy is morning sickness, if you are having more vomiting in the morning then it is said that there is a girl, but in this symptom someone tells that you are having more vomiting. And you will be confused about whether I believe a girl or a boy or if I believe in a boy, I tell you from my personal experience that I have felt myself in my house, I did not have any vomiting on my wife's time at all, and the boy had morning morning sickness on time also means there was too much vomiting also for 1 to 4 months so now we kiss Let me tell you one truth and I tell you an exam that I have seen many people but only then I am sharing with you all the signs that my sisters-in-law had a daughter. Shree has a lot of vomiting on time and who will we believe is true, there are vomiting on the time of the boy or there are vomiting on the time of the girl, it is also wrong or there may be a myth that you have a different time in the women at the time of their pregnancy. If Singh Tom is found, it is not necessary that it applies to everyone, then friends can experience on their own to find out what it means to have vomiting. Hut girl that boy in the womb that is proving difficult

Hello Friends, I am Jitendra Kumar Welcome Back to Pregnancy Blog You see the video on Youtube very much, you have got the symptoms of being a son, you have become confused, then today I have brought you an article in which all the symptoms you have seen. Having combined all of them, I will tell all the symptoms in a post and will tell you all the myths or wrong things related to them, including any kind of nagging Tension will not remain and if you are not in your mind, then today I have brought 12 symptoms for your son and daughter, in which all your confusions will go away and whatever nagat TVT is present in your brain, then this article today I am going to give you a lot of information, I am going to cover 12 symptoms in the whole post, but you have to read the article completely, only then you will get the appropriate knowledge in which you Do not miss any symptoms, but before you like the post, then share the post further and to stay updated with similar posts, below will be the email subscribe button in the side, enter your email id and subscribe me and friends to subscribe email Your benefit from this will be that whenever I upload a new post, its notification will immediately come in your mobile and my YouTube channel Techy Nuskhe must subscribe The Lijiaga and Lijiaga also press the bell icon with because he is also there I upload a video

So friends, I had 12 such symptoms that you have seen how many can be true and how many can be false, you do not have to live on them and not necessarily the 12 symptoms that I have told you, you should also be one of every lady's own. -Your symptoms are due to the development or decrease of hormones. Each lady's Singh tam becomes different, not necessarily in you and me, I hope that my article will be liked. Trust must share your friend or relative and relative Make sure to subscribe to my email to get more information about the new post I'll move again would see a new sabotage and sawdust out OK thanks information for reading and thank you friend

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